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This performance was held to study how prone we are to authority and implanted rules. I crafted pathways with street signs, fluorescent bat and crosswalks within the gallery space. I continued a slow walk according to the changing signals while holding on the bat on one hand and wearing safety hat.


The installed signal lamp is which initially used to control noise level in kindergartens, and is reactive to the decibel of the space it was positioned. It creates a siren as the light turns red. As more people came in to the space, the more often the light turned red. Once the light turned red, I stayed ceased until green lights were back on, and then again it was a repetition of movement in space.


After several rounds, I took the bat and hat off and hung it. I waited to see if anyone would take initiative to take the authority of the guiding role (hat + bat), but nobody did. Nor did everyone move along the street signs. It helped me realize the complexity of initiating audience participation, and that I would need a more thoroughly thought out plan of signs for cognition for future projects.

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