Kyungrim Lim Jang (장경림, *1992, Seoul, South Korea) is an artist and an aspiring theorist who lives and works in the Western Asian city of Vienna. Living as a foreigner in communities of different scales—ranging from families to societies—shaped her interest in the construction of home and how the embedded direction of a desire to belong is manifested across contemporary media. She explores how unspoken agreements are maintained and broken through performative speech and silence.

She often spends time observing what is happening at the crossroads of borders, identifications, and the narratives that carry these distinctions. What is amplified, deleted, and distorted during the recording/translation process of a narrative, and the motives of the programming are also of her keen interest. Her recent works deal with dialect language and its reception in different social spheres. She attempts to interfere in the language technology and respectively, grammar, by merging and splitting tongues that she acquired in life. She made her first standup in Belgrade, Serbia where she barked on behalf of border police.

Another important theme in her work is the complicity entailed in participation. Taking this inevitability as a condition for her work, she tries to find out ways to participate in the world on her own terms, which sometimes heavily define the form of her work.


She is a co-initiator of an artist collective Slug and Saliva, together with Hannah Sakai.

The collective works to materialize the gap between sound and meaning.

Write me at: liimjang [at] gmail [dot] com

(Beware of the two iis!! )


Academy of Fine Arts Vienna Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy (Current)  Vienna, Austria

with mentorship of Dr. Marina Gržinić

University of Arts in Belgrade MA in Cultural Policy and Management (Current)  Belgrade, Serbia 

Joshibi University of Art and Design, Exchange semester in MA Art Produce  Tokyo, Japan

University of Applied Arts Vienna '20 MA Transarts, graduated with distinction  Vienna, Austria

Rhode Island School of Design '15 BFA Illustration  Providence, USA


Group Exhibitions

2022        A shop is a shop is a shop, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria

2021        Thicket of ideas, Thicket of Times, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna: Schillerplatz, Vienna, Austria 

2021        The project and its time, Brut Nordwest, Vienna, Austria  

2021        Mume exhibition: Ling’s Golden Imperial Shop, Naschmarkt, Vienna, Austria

2021        Home when you are, Neuegallerie Malmoe edition 96, Vienna, Austria

2021        Fotobiennale Graz, Graz, Austria

2021        Inframisc, Heiligenkreuzerhof, Vienna, Austria

2021        Crystal Clear, BRUX Freies Theater Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria

2021        Hair salon group exhibition, Afro Asiatische Institute, Graz, Austria

2020       Transarts Austellung der Abschlusssarbeiten, Web, Web

2019        Refreshing memory vernissage performance, Zagreb, Croatia 

2019        Forogalerie Wien Propeller exhibition, WUK, Vienna, Austria

2019        For/against group exhibition, Vienna, Austria 

2018        And|or—but, yeah* group exhibition, Kunstraum Lakeside, Klagenfurt, Austria

2018        And|or—but, yeah* group exhibition, Vienna, Austria

2018        Would you marry me? Performance, Oscar Kokoschka Platz, Vienna, Austria

2018        Wandzeitung group exhibition, Vienna, Austria

2016        If you don’t pay attention to me, I don’t pay attention to you, Berlin, Germany 

2016        Fumetto internationals comix –festival Luzern competition exhibition, Luzern, Switzerland

2015        L’espace gallery group exhibition, Seoul, South Korea

2014        Synesthetic room, Providence, USA

2014        Tableau and performativity group performance, Providence, USA

Residencies and Fundings

2021        Impulstanz DanceWEB scholarship, co-funded by Arts Council Korea

2020       BRUX Freies theater Innsbruck VORBRENNER program, funded by Land Tirol, Innsbruck, Austria

2020       CCN-Stipendium der Kulturvermittlung Steiermark, Graz, Austria

2016        Affect Residency Agora collective, Berlin, Germany 

2016        Glasslåven Arts Centre residency, Gran, Norway 

2015        Addlip+ studio artist residency, Seoul, South Korea


2022        "Porous Projections" group exhibition, Afro-Asiatische Institut Graz, Austria

2020        Arkabarka International Artist in Residence program, Belgrade, Serbia

2018        "For/against" group exhibition, Vordere Zollamstrasse 7, Vienna, Austria 


2022        “Analysis of Exhibitions, Projects and Institutions” Co-teaching with Andreas Spiegl (Current)

                Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

2020        “Tomorrow Girls Troop Lecture”, on behalf of Tomorrow Girls Troop

                Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, in class of Felicitas Thun- Hohenstein

2019        “Traveling Visual Culture and Global Solidarity”

                Tokyo University, in class of Yoshiko Shimada


2022        “Not working is working: Performativity of Active Deferral in Necropolitics and Compartmentalization of

               Time” in Re-Activating Critical Thinking in the Midst of Necropolitical Realities: For Radical Change,

               Cambridge Scholars Publishing, edited by Marina Gržinić and Jovita Pristovšek