Kyungrim Lim Jang (1992, Seoul) is an artist who is currently based in Western Asian city of Vienna. She has been constantly moving from one place to another in different parts of North America and Eurasia. Living as a foreigner in communities of different scales, ranging from families to societies, shaped her interest in often contradictory desire/needs for social integration and self-preservation that coexists within an individual. 

Reccuring topics in her works include elastic distance that lies in between 'Us' / 'Them', and how the embedded direction of desire to belong somewhere is manifested in written and visual media. She spends most of her time lingering around crossroads of borders, landmarks, identifications, and the narratives that carry these distinctions. What is amplified, deleted, and distorted during the recording / translation process of a narrative, and the motives of the programming is also of her keen interest. Complications that take place between action, demonstration, and representation of the action is something that she thinks about regularly. 

liimjang [at] gmail [dot] com


Rhode Island School of Design '15 BFA Illustration - Providence, USA

University of Applied Arts Vienna '20 MA Transarts, graduated with distinction - Vienna, Austria

University of Arts in Belgrade MA in Cultural Policy and Management (Current) - Belgrade, Serbia 

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna PhD candidate (Current) - Vienna, Austria



Selected Exhibitions

2020    Transarts Austellung der Abschlusssarbeiten, Web, Web

2019     Refreshing memory vernissage performance, Zagreb, Croatia 

2019     Forogalerie Wien Propeller exhibition, WUK, Vienna, Austria

2019     For/against group exhibition, Vienna, Austria 

2018     And|or—but, yeah* group exhibition, Kunstraum Lakeside, Klagenfurt, Austria

2018     And|or—but, yeah* group exhibition, Vienna, Austria

2018     ‘Would you marry me?’ Performance project, Oscar Kokoschka Platz, Vienna, Austria

2018     Wandzeitung group exhibition, Vienna, Austria

2016     If you don’t pay attention to me, I don’t pay attention to you group exhibition, Berlin, Germany 

2016     Fumetto internationals comix –festival Luzern competition exhibition, Luzern, Switzerland

2015     L’espace gallery group exhibition, Seoul, South Korea

2014     Synesthetic room installation, Providence, USA

2014     Tableau and performativity performance group exhibition, Providence, USA


2020     CCN-Stipendium der Kulturvermittlung Steiermark, Graz, Austria

2016      Affect Residency Agora collective, Berlin, Germany 

2016      Glasslåven Arts Centre residency, Gran, Norway 

2015      Addlip+ studio artist residency, Seoul, South Korea


2020     Arkabarka Artist residency, Belgrade, Serbia

2018     For/against group exhibition, Vienna, Austria