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The image above has been a result of a guerrilla performance held in summer 2019 in one university in Tokyo.

When one buys a menstrual pad in Japan, it always comes in a brown bag or a black plastic bag, so that the contents are fully covered. However, the very stores (コンビニ) where they sell those pads are also those which display pornographic magazines of different scales on public display, 24/7. They cover a lot of naked, or practically naked women, regardless of the contents.  I.e the image used for this project is actually a cover of a comic book magazine that has nothing to do with women in bras and panties. These magazines are on display among other magazines dedicated to the distribution of pornographic content,. 

Since early 2019, some store chains have decided to remove pornographic magazines from their display in preparation for Tokyo Olympics which is to be held in the year 2020.  


Through this project, I aimed to provoke thoughts on what is covered in contemporary Japanese society. The Japanese texts from above suggest women in need of menstrual products take it free off the wall.

After 24h, the box has been opened and the pads went to those in need.


Photo credit to E.Y

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