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'Friday Morning at the Marjories' attempts to explore the interlinear space that is created when visual formality (8 sculptures) meets the corresponding number of audio without specific designation or guidelines of which belongs to where.

It is a home setting at the Marjory’s and the 8 siblings: Annamarie, Anthony, Adrianna, Amy, Anita, Andreas, Amelie, and Albert.


They got their name from the steel leg structure for temporary desk assembly, which resembles the alphabet 'A', and when put in multiple, forms the alphabet 'M' (AA). Derived from the material formality yet connoting individuality, naming in the piece function as a bridge between the sculptures and the audio. It starts the dialogue in the installation, leading the audience into the transformed space of personal accounts and relations between rearranged found objects. 

Oldest but not tallest, Anna Marie likes reading and jogging. Just like Meg from the little women, she wants to be the wise one of the house. She is currently concerned about her relationship, and is doubting if she should end it.


Anthony is always out with a bunch of mates. He wouldn’t talk to anyone in the house anymore. He doesn’t play sports but likes sportswear.


Adrianna just kissed her classmate and is a little bit nervous to go back to school. It feels like thousand butterflies flying inside her stomach, but it’s not so bad afterall.


Aimee thinks she is old enough to have her own room and She would like some private space. Sharing room with 3 younger sisters is utterly absurd.


Anita wants to be an artist. Only her twin, Andreas knows about it. 


Andreas and Anita are fingers crossed. They share everything.


Amelie wants to do whatever the twins do. It’s just so cool. Its double cool because their double! She sometimes wishes she was born together with the twins and together they can make triplet.  but it never happened. Amelie doesn’t get to wear green on Sunday because the twins take the two green dresses all the time. Albert is too young and is just not fun for Amelie.


Albert is the baby boy of the house. he like pineapples and he hates everything red. Red makes him Angry, although he does not know what anger is yet.

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