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This is not not real

This does not take place near the great rivers from which the old and new appease their thirst.


This does not take place in the midst of a jungle where multi-legged creatures sometimes lick the show window.


This does not take place in a county without 1 person


It also does not take place in a nueblo, nor a norf, or a neup.


The roof under which sse lays its tired bags is not always repaired


Her name is not Elias lauwrence xingx Valentina

Her name is not Nuoc Smithonian Dichtk des park

Her name is not Gorijla Rossini Rabbit punk

Her name is not Dali la la Lama.


She who never got a chance to spoke out loud does not feel free


See does not own a fake estate, nor does hse want one


Sse is not unhappy with her life


Sse does not always get what sse wants


Sse is not in a disguise,


Sse does not need nobody’s help


Sse would not dislike a kind word


Sse does not feel like an adult




This is not act 1


Hse does not not






SHe does not undo the doing.









This is not act2







This is not act 3


This is not act 77


This is not an act

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