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It is time for us to have some thoughts for our traditional agents of transmission. As devices planned to take one from a space to another, doors, highways and mirrors has been silently serving us for many ages. But the days of silence would only last for so long. In near future it will be common to live amongst our robot AI friends, our tools who are devised to interact and think. Having being injected massive loads of data, they can make predictions and decisions based on their calculations. But when they are being fed with so many data, much of which based on human emotions along with logic, we cannot be sure when/ if they decide to adopt feelings as well.

IOT:(Internet of things) is not yet ubiquitously used, but has been applied to tech adoptive smart homes, and will unquestionably be part of our daily lives, soon enough. Just think about how fast smartphones have been disseminated. How smart are they now, would be an unanswered question; who know for sure whats going in the tech labs of California?What if our smart tools have already adopted feelings, but are just muted for the moment being?

Than to start from an assumption on how smart our tools are now, I would like to bring in more familiar agents which have long been part of our lives for this project. It would be easier to reflect on the familiars than the relatively new, whose degree of intelligence unknown to public. I started off this project by collecting emotional datas of people imagining things from their point of view on how our tools might feel.

How would they feel about their existence, as passage ways to achieve more important purpose, to be constantly used to be used? Would living their life to their full purpose make them happy? or, sad and lonely? 

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