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"Hmm the smell of plasetecine"

(Once was) a Round fork must travel ( 2016 )

How can an object that objects its function go further from being turned into an art object - one that represents the idea ? (ex. Oppenheim's furred tea cup in MOMA) 

'(Once was) a round fork must travel' claim its life/place through constant transformation / transmission. Made of plasticine, it not only is effected by human encounters (reformation of shape/ content: from heat/ pressure/ collected bodily tissues) but also affects its 'users' with its distinctive smell which remains in the passer's hand. Participating humans are to pass it to someone else or stop the interaction when SHe comes up with a new function for it to be used.(ex. doorstop)    

As an object that objects to be objectified, it must travel non- stop, and can only be through realtime interaction. 

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