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Marzena Wolowicz Photography

This project was conducted in order to raise awareness on the issue of personal /political. I started off the project by selling marriage in a flee market that took place in Oskar -Kokoschka- Platz, asking EU citizens what they would want in return if they were to marry me so that I can get the Visa to stay in Europe. No one likes to deal with bureaucracy, even if they can help a person in a desperate situation with power given by birth. What would people want in return to exercise a political empathy in expense of having have to go through pesky paperworks in their personal time?


The initiative came from an imagination on how deeply personal choices could lead on to political demonstration/ activism

What if 100 EU citizen from same city decide to register their marital status in the same amt, same city, on the same exact day? 

The survey performance has been so far been conducted in an art- music festival as well as the mentioned flea market on the documentation, and will be conducted in different places around Europe in different outlooks.

The conducted answers up until now varied from Korean food recipe, insight on Korean feminism, Korean language, Sex, Money, Loyal friendship and etc. Many of what people asking to get in return were product of cultural specificity, and there were many others who didn't ask for anything, thinking that it isn't fair to ask something in return for something they were born with. Many citizens were well aware of the immigration law and the partnership visa, not surprising considering the foreign population of the city (35%, 2017 statistics) .

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