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내 보이지 않는 것 을 본다

I see what I don't see

The work deals with the media censorship law in South Korea where videos containing inappropriate contents (i.e.tattoos, nudity, and smoking) are self-censored by the TV stations fearing penalties for breaching the law. The presented image is a scene from a well known movie "Tazza: The High Rollers", where the actress is smoking a cigarette. The inappropriate blurring in this case, made the scene awkward and even unintelligible to the narrative content. The work was a response to the arbitrary and rampant self-censorship by the media outlets, which in one case mosaic-ed painted breasts. By presenting the green screen (persons) together with the still cut from a TV broadcast version of the movie, the artist aims to make visible the work of blobbing through her "screenshot" of parody movie.

The work deals with the involvement of various invisible actors (i.e., translating, subtitling, censoring) which mediates the encounter between a work of film and its audience, which ultimately de/forms the condition where the narrative is experienced.  

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