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VB21-Crystal Clear-(Credits Marco Friedrich Trenkwalder)-e (1).jpg
Photo credit: Marco Friedrich Trenkwalder

"Crystal Clear" (2021) carries the experiences of Nita Tandon, a female artist who migrated from India (a member state of the Non-Aligned Movement) to Austria in the 70s. Her story is vocally performed by Tyrolean author Annemarie Regensburger. By weaving the story of a foreigner in a local tongue, the work unsettles the status of belonging embedded in the performance of a dialect. The artist questions expectation for a performance of ‚authentic‘ identity and points her finger inwards the fuzzy borders within, between us/them.

The installation is in German with English subtitles.
The publication is in Tyrolean, translated into German by Astrid Tautscher and designed by Hannah Sakai.

Sound editing by Huda Takriti.

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Photo credit: Hannah Sakai
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